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Raffle Pics – BRING THE STINK!!!!

The Chaos team has been painted, and I must say I am VERY pleased with the results.

Before I post the pics and the raffle details some BIG thank you’s.

– JAKE “Sir Apple” HACKER. Jake helped last year with running the event and will be there again this year. He helped with the raffle by assembling all the figures for me. A big thanks Jake.

– NIC “that Nic Guy” CHAPMAN. Nic ended up taking on the job of painting for commission after the original painter had to pull out for personal reasons. Thank you Nic, thank you.

– DREW “Reaper” LOVELL. Drew ended up finding me a replacement painter and added the finishing touches. This guy, as we all know, is the driving force of Blood Bowl in WA. Huge thanks Drew.

So now we have them out of the way, what do get for the raffle.

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Raffle Team has arrived!!

The Chaos Team from Willie Miniatures arrived today, and so I open them up to get my greedy little hands on them.

They are a FANTASTIC looking team. The 3D renders at the Willie Miniatures website does NOT do them justice. The Beastmen are a brilliants size and increase for the STR4 Chaos Warriors and STR5 Minotaur are Divine.

The only critisism I have is that some of the Beastmen’s arms and heads needs assembling. This could prove to be fiddly as well for the Chaos Warriors but the quality of the models is mesmerising. Very little to clean up on them. Great job and I cannot wait to get these to the painter.

Unfortunately only recieved 8 Beastmen and not the expected 11 so will sort that out but I don’t see it being a problem.

Redneck Raffle being finalised

A raffle to fund raise for prizes (be they this year or next years event) has recieved some great news today.

We have secured a FULL team of Willie Miniatures awesome Chaos Team.

This means

  • 11 Beastmen
  • 4 Chaos Warriors
  • 1 Minotaur

Adding to that we have also managed to convince a painter in Perth to do an amazing paint job for us.

If that wasnt enough we are also throwing in a KR Multicase to carry them all around in.

More details as they happen, for now, save those little gold coins up as the sale of raffle tickets will start around June and be drawn at the Redneck Rumble.