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Information and results specific for the 2014 edition of the Redneck Rumble

Redneck Rumble 2014 NAF results

I finally have the Redneck Rumble 2014 NAF results uploaded.

I have been trying to upload this for some time however due to technical difficulties I was not able to upload the results using the Score! program.

I relented and uploaded these manually. So please I hope they are entered correctly and accurately.

There are some MASSIVE changes happening in the Blood Bowl scene and I hope to upload some details very soon.

Redneck Rumble 2014 Post Event Rundown

The Redneck Rumble for 2014 has been run and won. For the complete results you can check HERE

Before I begin I would like to say a big thank you to the following people.

Jack Taylor for helping me chase up ideas, prices, venues etc. Was good to have a sounding board to make sure not all my ideas where total crap.

Jake Hacker for being my little minion bitch over the weekend. He did a great job as always and kept the event running nice and smooth.

Rob Langford for going out of his way to pick up the trophies that got delayed and where only ready the night before the event. Big thanks for that one Rob.

To anyone else I may have forgotten, a big thank you goes out to you from me, without your support it would never have happened.

First thing is first

First thing is first









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Final Results 2014


Results and Awards 2014

Overall Winner – Joshua Davies – And My Axe – Chaos Dwarf

Runner Up – Michael Watson – Greensland Morons – Orc

Most Casualties – Sam Horler – Stunted Legions – Dwarf

Most Touchdowns – Ron Argent – Elf Thornators – Pro Elf

Stunty Cup – Tim Manassah – New Guinea Giants – Halfling

MVP Happy Drunk – Duro Bozic

Civil War – The North defeated the South 33 to 27 and retain the Civil War Trophy

NABBA Wooden Spoon – Jason Dawson – Goblins United – Goblin

A quick checklist

Well the Redneck Rumble is only days away, so I thought I would provide a quick (non exhaustive) check list for some of you.

  • Sleeping Material if you are staying any of the nights. Mattresses provided so bring Pillows, rugs/sleeping bags.
  • Shower equipment (TOWELS etc). I will make sure soap and toothpaste are available.
  • Warm clothing. It should be pleasant enough during the day, but I won’t make that guarantee at night.
  • INSECT REPELLENT!!! You are staying right on the river. Mosquitoes might be everywhere.
  • Some drinks and food. There is a kitchen and some fridges but I won’t be the chef 🙂
  • Toiletries. Its a small room people, don’t stick the place up.
  • 2 x Team rosters. I have provided Word/PDF/Excel versions of roster sheets in the RESOURCES section above. Please use them.
  • Your Blood Bowl teams, dice and playing surfaces 🙂
  • Sense of humour

It should be another good weekend folks, so come prepared.

Roster Sheet Downloads added

To assist attendees with providing an easy to read roster for their opponents and the tournament organiser I have added several roster sheets to the Resources menu.

You will find a Word Document and PDF version of a simple manual roster. Feel free to use the Word document to create your own personal version.

You will also find the AROS Excel Spreadsheet CRP Roster creator.

Using any of these as a base for Roster presentation would be appreciated.

Redneck Rumble is a WA State Of Origin Qualfier

The players pack for the Redneck Rumble 2014 has been released, by clicking in the menu above, however there is a very important fact that has been missed in the creation of this document.

The 2014 Redneck Rumble will be a qualifier for the State of Origin Western Australian team.

The winner of this event will be invited to join the team. There are several other events throughout the remainder of the year that hold the same weight.

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