Redneck Rumble 2013 Round Up

Well the day has come and gone and once again great fun was had by all.

Although this write up will go through some of the results if you want to see the full results check this post here.

The weekend begun Friday afternoon as the tournament organisers (God and Demi gods) arrived at the venue and began to setup. Here became the first morale decision of the weekend. Do the organisers continue setting up or show the southern hospitality and stop for a drink and a chat.

And that decision out lined the rest of the weekend, great times, great games and great company. Oh yeh, drinking. A fair bit of drinking.

The Perth players arrived through the evening and the drinks began to flow. Laughter was had and lies where told. Some Albany guys arrived and joined in making for a great friendly opening night.

The morning of the tournament met with a few sore heads and bleary eyes. Breakfast was had, tables set up, new players welcomed and than the events began.

3 games where held on day one with some laughter, a few tears and the occasional near table throw. It was a very casual laid back day where everyone played their games with plenty of time and new comers had a chance to find their feet in an environment involving plenty of trash talking and the more than occasional joke.

Saturday night saw the first Southern Flesh and Steel painting competition entries setup with voting to be held in the morning. Although I forgot to take any pictures (HEY there was drinking to be done) I can testify there was some great displays on show. There was some dioramas and display boards of varying quality but I was impressed with everyone who made an effort to display something. Great stuff to all and congrats to Drew Lovell with his brilliant Bushido War party on display that garnered a VAST proportion of votes.

Some local guys arrived to play some games and both rooms rung with laughter and cheer. One room rang with the clatter of dice, the other with the clatter of bottles. The Fortified Wine night was filled with laughter, and some tears as some god awful beverages where introduced. High on the list of successes where the Seppetsfield Grand Musket and an interesting Topaque. I do believe the worst produced met with much more interest. I can vouch that Duro made an interesting couple of additions to the table. One Spain Cherry was described as “Rotten sardines marinated in Soy Sauce”. It is safe to say, this event will continue as a tradition because it proved to be bloody good fun.

The night went on to the wee hours of the morning and some local lads kicked on with a game of “Drunk Quest” which can only be described as Munchkin where alcohol is used to kill monsters. A messy messy affair. We knew the night was eventful when the Assistant Tournament Organiser wandered into the dorms rooms where the words “I can’t tell which way is up” where uttered.

Sunday morning had the final 2 rounds played and all results came down to the final round.

3 players had a mathematical chance of winning and with the results in the final round, it became very tight in the final rankings. The only category that was well and truly decided by round 5 was the most Touchdowns. Even the Civil War trophy was up for grabs with the North holding a very slim lead heading into the final round.

In the end Robert Langford managed to score enough bonus points to finish ahead of Joshua Davies in the final standings. A fantastic effort.

Nathan Gall won the Happy Drunk award for the best Sportsman. Both Nathan Gall and Richard James went the full 9 yards and came in theme. Nathan with his Mullet, Sleeveless flannel and general “Bogan Pride” attire as well as a brilliant Chaos Team with relevant bogan symbols painted on shoulder pads. Richard came as what can only be described as a Gay Scottish Pirate (Ok, maybe I added the Gay part) in full kilt. Not to mention a naked miniature that was truly horrifying. Both gentlemen deserve recognition as their efforts where greatly appreciated.

In the end it was a justifying result to see Richard James walk away with the brilliantly painted Chaos Team from Willy Miniatures as the winner of the raffle.

And then it was over. Another brilliant year gentlemen and a great time was held by all.

A special personal thank you to Jake Hacker for helping run the event, Jack Taylor for helping in the background with ideas and research, Jason Dawson for obtaining some items that where not used in the end this year, Drew Lovell who without him we would never have gotten the Raffle ready and other background things for me. Without these guys, the event would not have happened.

Next year this event will be a qualifier for the Western Australian State of Origin Team so we should expect a good roll out of some talented players.

So we look towards the coming year and start looking for Fortified Wines without the name “Wild Boar” on them (Thanks David) and ready yourselves for the Redneck Rumble 2014.

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