A Couple of Door Prizes on their way

With a month out, the orders have been placed.

This year the door prizes are very Redneck themed and all you have to do to win one, is register, purchase a ticket and take part in the Redneck Rumble.

So what are these door prizes you ask?

Be the player with the most teeth remaining to win!
A roll of 2 dice determines the grade you complete in school at age 18, which sets you up for one of 11 fabulous careers such as Monster Truck Announcer or Mullet Salon Operator! Journey through Blue Collar Americana by going into debt to purchase rigs, get hitched and housed, divorced, remarried, and raise a passel of young’ens.

Teeth are lost through accidents and brawls. Buy some back at the Day of Reckon’n if you can… as the player with the most teeth remaining wins!

Play Redneck Life for Gut Bustin’ great time!

You have finally landed the job of your dreams: Trailer Park Manager!
To be the Best Darn Trailer Park Manager in town, you must place quality Tenants in your trailers, create a fun and friendly atmosphere by adding some sweet Amenities, and go about destroying the other trailer parks…no matter what it takes.

Surface to Trailer Missile? Molotov Beer Can? A Tornado? You Bet.

As you can see, some real nice Redneckin’ fun!!!!!

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