A quick checklist

Well the Redneck Rumble is only days away, so I thought I would provide a quick (non exhaustive) check list for some of you.

  • Sleeping Material if you are staying any of the nights. Mattresses provided so bring Pillows, rugs/sleeping bags.
  • Shower equipment (TOWELS etc). I will make sure soap and toothpaste are available.
  • Warm clothing. It should be pleasant enough during the day, but I won’t make that guarantee at night.
  • INSECT REPELLENT!!! You are staying right on the river. Mosquitoes might be everywhere.
  • Some drinks and food. There is a kitchen and some fridges but I won’t be the chef 🙂
  • Toiletries. Its a small room people, don’t stick the place up.
  • 2 x Team rosters. I have provided Word/PDF/Excel versions of roster sheets in the RESOURCES section above. Please use them.
  • Your Blood Bowl teams, dice and playing surfaces 🙂
  • Sense of humour

It should be another good weekend folks, so come prepared.

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