Redneck Rumble Post Event Rundown 2015

The Redneck Rumble for 2015 is in the books. For a full list of the results and all the winners you can Click Here to check them out.

As tradition dictates a big list of people need a huge thank you to show my appreciation to help make this event the biggest hobby gaming event in Albany, true it may be the only hobby gaming event in Albany but lets not quibble over such details.

Ross Burt and Rob Langford for going out of their way and bringing down the trophies, much appreciated fella’s.


All the pretty’s all lined up!!!

Jack Taylor for once again being a sounding board and helping me in the back ground with ideas and thoughts.

To all the Albany guys who stayed back to help clean up and to all the Perth guys for coming down, a huge thank you. An event like this is only as good as the people who attend, and you guys make it a great event.

And also to my Super Minion Jake Hacker. It was noted how awesome he was as a Tournament Organiser over the weekend and I think it is safe to say if it wasn’t for Jake each year, the event would never get off the ground. I will be hiring out Jake’s services at $25 an hour, contact “Big Jim’s Shop of Daryl’s” for more information, knee-pads included.

I would also like to single out John Gill at Brumbies for donating the rolls for the Sausage sizzle each day. Great stuff.

To anyone else who helped in the background, a massive thank you.


Some Amazons and Goblins get it on.

The Gilcreek Scout Camp is proving to be a fantastic venue and this year we made better use of the facilities by catering for lunch each day. A choice of Chicken Pasta Bake and Shepherds Pie was up for offer with a serving of salad. A sausage sizzle was also held and all proceeds went to the local gaming community club the WAAGH. Although successful I think next year we will do Sausages and Hamburgers for lunches each day and have a big slap up meal on the Saturday night.


Round 1 kicks off and the Redneck is underway for 2015.

The event was popular again with 20 attendees having a fun casual atmosphere for the entire weekend (casual unless you where on the final table in the final round where both coaches looked a touch more nervous than the rest). A big congrats to Drew Lovell who managed to win the event with the top 3 separated by no more than 2 points. A great close fought battle.


One of the few custom pitches…..

Saturday night was the ever popular fortified wine tasting night and for the first time in the history of this event, there was no real absolute shockers. Don’t get me wrong there was some pretty nasty drops, but none that where absolutely revolting. However the highlight of the night was easily the Morris Old Premium Liqueur Muscat. This was truly an experience to drink and blew everyone away. A big thanks to Jake for letting us all have a go at this awesome drop and was the deserved recipient of the Port Sippers.

Next year we may try something different and we may refine it to a Muscat night as they prove to be very popular. Work will go into this and we will try to come up with an interesting change for next year. A few ideas have already been thrown around but the “blind taste test” could be an interesting experience for all.

The night also consisted of quite a few board games being played through to the wee hours of the morning. Redneck Game of Life and Trailer Park Wars got some game time as they where the Door prizes from last year. I hope these become a yearly tradition as they where great fun. The Redneck Game of Life had 6 full grown men on the edge of peeing, crying and not being able to breath simultaneously. The amount of in bred, red headed Daryl’s that where running around was quite bloody scary.

As mentioned Drew was the overall winner and Jack Taylor won the coveted Happy Drunk award for best sportsman. Always a very close award at this event and it goes to show the absolute brilliant coaches that attend this event.

Joshua Davies FINALLY won a bloody casualty award, so hopefully we can all move on the South can concentrate on trying to win games next year and take out the Civil War trophy after a pretty poor showing this year. So the North retain once more, next year I tell ya.

Surprise award was for most TD’s which was one by Tim Manassah with a Dwarf team no less. I am still not sure how he managed this, the only thing I can assume is he was channelling the Dwarf with beard and stature and came through shining. A top effort that.

However the biggest achievement of the whole weekend would have to be the effort put into the fund-raising for beyondblue. This year was the first year that the event looked to make a profit, so all profits would be donated. We also held a challenge system and other fund raising ideas during the weekend.

What a success. My initial goal was $200 for the weekend. The Challenge system raked in an impressive $107 and the entire weekend netted $183.60 just in donations at the event. So then we come to the final figure raised after all expenses have been paid, all outstanding moneys collected and refunds issued.

The final figure for the weekend was rounded up, because I just couldn’t leave it where it was. I will be filling out the paperwork to donate $410 dollars plus another $30 from WAAGH donations in the past to total $440. That is FREAKING AWESOME and in my opinion the biggest accomplishment of the weekend. I am sure beyondblue will be grateful. I feel this will be the new target next year and people now have plenty of time to think up unique ways to fund raise using their challenges round 1.

More will be added later (photos and an update on the Southern Road Trip curse that I feel warrants its on page now) however this was a great event. A big thanks to everyone again and we hope to see you all next year as planning has already begun 🙂




Drew Lovell a worth winner… that hurt!!!!


Ross Burt, a very close second, well done.


Tim Manassah with a most TD’s award, with dwarfs.


6 years in the making, Josh Davies with most CAS!


Rob Langford with the Stunty Cup.


Jack Taylor with the Happy Drunk award.


The NABBA Wooden Spoon, not made of wood, for Nathan Blanchard.


Cheap Shot insult rummy door prize to the Redneck Spirit, Michael Watson.


Civil War…again…goes to the North…BOO!!!!


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