Elandrial Games coming to the party

Some great news for the Redneck Rumble and more importantly beyondblue.

Elandrial Games will be running a Magic the Gathering event on the Friday night of the Redneck Rumble.

  • Start: 7:00pm
  • Format: Planechase Commander
  • Cost: Gold Coin Donation to beyondblue
  • Prizes: Donated by Elandrial games. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Door Prize.

Not only that but the Friday Night gaming held at the Scout Hall will be moved out to the Scout CAMP for the night. Work goes into setting up a shuttle life system.

However, what is even more exciting is Elandrial Games are doing a donation drive for the Redneck. For any stock sales he makes on the Friday night and over the weekend he will donate 10% of those sales to the Redneck Rumble beyondblue cause. This is fantastic. So contact Elandrial Games and order up some stock.

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