Final Update 2016 – Before the big day

So we are only 2 weekends away from the Redneck Rumble 2016 – The Year of the Daryl. So before you rock up and see a bunch of Red Headed Step Children called Daryl running around lets make sure you have a good handle on what you need, what is happening and anything else I can think of in the next few minutes.

Remember Elandrial are donating 10% of sales over the weekend to beyondblue. So get in touch with them to order something ASAP to give it a chance to be here in time.

I will be there around the camp site from lunch time. If you would like me to be available any earlier just let me know.

Before we go on a quick mention of the weather. Its been WET. REALLY damn wet. The Long term forecast actually puts it up for a GREAT weekend of weather, but please remember it is winter in Albany. Bring some warm clothes especially to sleep in.

You get a mattress and bed so you will NEED to bring the following:

  • Pillows
  • Sleeping bag or sheets etc.
  • Towels and showering bits and pieces.
  • Stuff to drink.
  • Stuff for BBQ Saturday Night (more details to come).
  • Your bottle of Fortified Wine for Saturday (not compulsory)
  • Your Blood Bowl Team
  • 2 copies of your Roster….REMEMBER THE DARYL!!!!!
  • Mats, dice etc. If you can bring spares that will be BRILLIANT!!!!

A few reminders of what is happening.

Friday night we have Elandrial Games running a Magic the Gathering event so bring your cards. There is always the casual gaming as well as a simple casual social night.

Saturday is the early start for some Blood Bowl. Saturday Night is a BBQ for Redneck attendees. We will be supplying a few different salads so all you have to do is supply your stuff to cook. Then we have the famous Fortified Wine night. Speaking of which I have my fingers crossed some funky prizes will rock up in time 😉

Sunday is the final day. The trophies are sorted and ready to go. The Door prize of Crazy Karts board game is already here. We have some left over T-shirts as well for sale.

This is shaping up to be a great weekend with quite a few attendees as more as starting to sign up. I look forward to seeing you all there.


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