Redneck Rumble Post Event Rundown 2016

The Redneck Rumble for 2016 is done and dusted. For a full list of the results and all the winners you can Click Here to check them out.

As tradition dictates a big list of people need a huge thank you to show my appreciation to help make this event the biggest hobby gaming event in Albany.

A big thanks to Dave Capon for bringing down the trophies for this year.

Jack Taylor for once again being a sounding board and helping me in the back ground with ideas and thoughts.

To all the Albany guys who stayed back to help clean up and to all the Perth guys for coming down, a huge thank you. An event like this is only as good as the people who attend, and you guys make it a great event.

And of course the Super Minion Jake Hacker who once again did an amazing job. We both where pretty buggered at the end of this one due to all the extra kitchen duties we took on this year. A big thanks to Jake for helping with all the extra and making sure beyondblue received a sizeable donation this year.

I would also like to single out John Gill at Brumbies for donating all the rolls for both lunches this year. A huge help to the fund raising cause.

A BIG thank you goes to Matt Honeywill at Elandrial Games who setup a small little stall at the event. Matt donated 10% of turnover for the weekend to the beyondblue cause. Not only that he also used the extra funds to help launch his new store in Albany. So from December the 1st Albany will have a dedicated gaming store once more, brilliant. Not only did he do all this he also managed to donate the prizes for the Darryl awards each round.

To anyone else who helped in the background, a massive thank you.


Flings and Elves

The Gilcreek Scount camp had some renovations since last year and these proved to be awesome for the event. The extra room made it very easy for more players for next year and the upgrades in the kitchen area meant we where able to cater with lunches of Hamburgers and Chicken Burgers. Not only that we where able to supply a range of salads so people could cook up their own BBQ and have some fun on the Saturday night.


The first round in the newly renovated Scout Camp

The event was once again battled out for with 20 coaches. There was a lot of regulars not there this year and quite a lot of new players who pulled out in the final minutes so the potential for a huge event in the future is pretty staggering.

A big congrats to Ron Argent who won his 3rd Redneck Rumble. A truly awesome effort. So that puts Ron’s winning teams of Orc, Dwarfs and Humans. A really diverse spread of races used and considering all his other performances used all different races resulting in top 10 performances each and every year, totally awesome. Congrats Ron.

Michael Watson managed another second place at the Redneck. This is his second runner up at the Redneck and he always performs well. Some would say his top finish at the State of Origin shows his worth, I say only once he wins a Redneck 😉


All lined up in a row

The wine night was another great night as people got behind the general idea and had a great night. This year was a blind tasting as can be shown in the pic above. Next year some small refinement will be needed but it was great fun. Jack Taylor provided the best drink on the night and was pretty heavily voted in as favourite. Ross Burt came in at the other end of the spectrum with, although not a truly dismal effort, a bottle that we will all be avoiding in the future.

We are always looking at making the Saturday night a great night so will be trying to grow on this great event in the future.

Jack Taylor won the coveted Happy Drunk award for best sportsman for the second year in a row. Jack always make sure his opponent has a great time and this is something that everyone should be trying to achieve. GREAT effort Jack and I hope everyone tries to win this title off you next year, not only that you also have too much glassware and you must be running out of cupboard room 😉

Joshua Davies went back to back with the casualty award. Maybe next year the southern players will try to win some games instead of beating the shite out of the North players, although I can see the attraction in that.

Ron Argent put away another Most Touchdowns award on his way to winning the Redneck overall trophy. Ron managed an impressive average of 3 Touchdowns per game with Humans.

Jack Taylor cleaned up also winning the Stunty Cup.

Oh yeh the Civil War. That wasn’t that important but ok. The North won it again 34-24. Moving on.

Now onto something that I think we all can be proud of. Last year we managed $440 worth of donations to beyondblue. Considering that was the first time we tried fund raising it was impressive performance. But WOW did we demolish that this year.

There was a lot going on this year. First off we had the first round challenges. This year was successfull and with the donations through the weekend there was roughly $180 in the donation box.

Secondly Elandrial Games where donating 10% of their turnover. From what Matt has told me he has donated $130 already to beyondblue on behalf of the WAAGH. If I am wrong I am sure he will correct me 😉

And finally any profit I make from running this event I donate to beyondblue. Considering we also ran the kitchen this year (no the WAAGH like last year) we where able to make quite a bit to donate to beyondblue.

So, what was the final figure. How much did I donate to beyondblue (well about to I have to do the paperwork so its donated via the WAAGH)? An amazing amount of $730 dollars. That is FREAKING INCREDIBLE. Wait a minute, we havn’t added on the donations from the donation box so that is now $910. Now addon Elandrial Games donation and we are up around $1040. Awesome effort. I honestly don’t know how we are going to top that amount for next year short of a lot more support from the local players.



Ron Argent wins for the Third time


Michael Watson with second


Jack cleaning up with the MVP, Stunty Cup and the best Win award.





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