Redneck Rumble Saturday Night Details

So you are coming the Redneck Rumble. You have games Saturday and Sunday are trying to figure out what to do Friday and Saturday night.

The local gamers should be out in force again, not to mention the normal Redneck attendees.


Albany has an added advantage this year. We have a Hobby Retailer who is actually trying to advance the local community. After the past few years, this is freaking amazing.

Elandrial Games have been organising Friday Night Gaming in Albany for a while now. He will move that Friday night out to the Scout Camp to try and encourage more people to come out and play.

So a big thank you to Matt Honeywill from Elandrial Games who is setting up a Magic the Gathering event on Friday night.

Magic the Gathering Event

  • Start: 7:00pm
  • Format: Planechase Commander
  • Cost: Gold Coin Donation to beyondblue
  • Prizes: Donated by Elandrial games. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and Door Prize.


By getting the regulars out for games from the gaming night expect a huge range of different board games like Spartacus, Battlestar Gallactica, XCOM, Munchkin, Smallworld, Arcadia Quest, Eurpoean Board Games and more.

Friday night will be an informal casual social evening for people to relax, have a great night and just get ready for the coming weekend. If you are attending Friday night and wish to stay the night make sure to purchase a ticket.

Saturday night though brings out one of the most anticipated events at the Redneck. The Fortified Wine Night.


This will be more of a social gathering of like minded drunks who are keen on trying some different fortified wines. So what are the rules?? RULES!!! WHY DO WE NEED RULES???

  • Fortified wines include Ports, Muskats, Tokays, Cherry’s, Brandy’s, Vermouth’s and others. Simply head to the fortified wines section at your local bottle shop.
  • There will be no price limit on any of the bottles on the table, as there will not be a minimum. Although no maximum is being set please be aware if you bring an expensive bottle it WILL be drank and you won’t get a say on who by 😉
  • This year there WILL be prizes for the “best” produced wine and the “worst” as well. Not only will the worst receive something, they may be forced to drink only their effort while others drink the more quaff able wine 🙂
  • This will be a bit different to previous years, but still just good old fun.

We plan to start this evening at around 7:30pm to give people a chance to get food organised after their final round on Saturday. We are aiming to get this part finished by 9:30pm. This will be a blind tasting so bring those taste buds ready for destruction 😉

This part of the evening is NOT compulsory and if you would like to bring spirits, beer or anything else to be a part of this please do so.

Also don’t forget there is bound to be board games being played throughout the evening so there should be plenty happening.

The only cost to the evening is the supply of you bottles of drink, the cost of your ticket (if you are not playing in the Rumble you can purchase a ticket to stay the evening) and possibly your dignity.

The whole point of the evening is to have some fun so come prepared for a bit of a laugh.

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