Redneck Rumble 2015


“We play two types of music here, Country AND Western”

OCTOBER 17th and 18th


For more information about the Blood Bowl Tournament please download the PLAYERS PACK.

That’s right folks it time to let out your inner Redneck, grab the Shotgun and head on down the road to Albany once again for the Redneck Rumble.

The Venue hasn’t changed at the Gilcreek camp is looking forward to hosting us once again.

  • Beds are still available however no pillows or bedding. The beds are not “hotel quality” and if you require further bedding, bring it.
  • The cost of the ticket now INCLUDES Friday night accommodation.
  • There isn’t separate chalets however we have 2 dorms with separate rooms I can use for families and “relevant others” if required.

The fortified night will once again be happening, however there will be some slight changes to format. This year we intend to integrate this with some friendly casual board gaming. There will be stations set up around the room for people to try different games, enjoy some beverages and generally, just a great friendly social evening.

Looks like it will be a fantastic weekend guys.

I am also calling for expressions of interest to help with planning. You can register your interest by filling out this form.

If you have already registered but would like to change your nominated team you can do so by filling out this form.

Tickets are now available for purchase by using the menu system above. The Special items will also be available and there is 2 different options this year. One for the honourable defenders of the South, and another for those ratbag scum from the North.


As another change to this year we will be supporting beyondblue.

beyondblue is an independent, not-for-profit organisation working to increase awareness and understanding of anxiety and depression in Australia and to reduce the associated stigma. It is our honour to be able to provide support to this great organisation and we hope you will support them with donations of loose change at the event.

For donations over $2 that require a receipt for tax purposes, we can provide that service.

Ideas to help donate funds to beyondblue.

  • Personal Swear Jar
  • Double Skulls Fine. Every time you roll double skulls, throw in a small amount.
  • The Killing Feeling. Each time you Kill an opponent, fine yourself.

This year will be the first year we allow Challenges, however it will involve donations to beyondblue. See the players pack for details.

Please be aware it is not COMPULSORY to donate to beyondblue and issuing challenges is optional.

NOTE: This year the WAAGH (Albany Gaming Club) will be supplying drinks for purchase through the weekend. Coke, Sprite, Solo and Water will be supplied at $2 a drink. The WAAGH will also be catering for the event for Saturday and Sunday Lunches.

Each lunch will be a selection of Shepherds Pie and a Chicken and Pasta Bake. There will also be a basic salad provided with selection of dressings. These will be charged at $10 each. There will be limited amounts on the day and orders will be taken on each morning in a first come best dressed style. We will also be doing Sausage Sizzle during lunch as well. A simple Snagger in a bun with onion and cheese and a selection of sauces. These will be done at $3 a Snagger.

To make it clear, any profits generated from the sale of drinks and meals will go towards funding the WAAGH for the next year and will not be included in the beyondblue fund-raising.

Confirmed Attendee

  1. David Capon – Necromantic – North
  2. Nathan Gall – Ogres – North
  3. Heather Gall – Dwarfs – North
  4. Ross Burt – Lizardmen – North
  5. Jason Stennett – South
  6. Jack Taylor – Dwarfs – South
  7. Jason Dawson – South
  8. Sam Macias Rodrigo – Dwarfs – North
  9. Tracy Macias Rodrigo – Skaven -North
  10. Drew Lovell – North
  11. Robert Langford – North
  12. Michael Watson- North
  13. Jacob House – South
  14. Tim Manassah – Dwarfs – North
  15. Joshua Berry – North – Lizards

Registered Attendees

  1. Nathan Blanchard – Vampires – South
  2. Ron Argent – Wood Elf – North
  3. Ken Downer – South
  4. Joshua Davies – South
  5. Justin Martin – South
  6. Mathew Dempsey – South

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