Redneck Rumble 2016

rr_logo_final2016“The Year of the Daryl, CLAWS FOR EVERYONE!!!!”

OCTOBER 22nd and 23rd


For more information about the Blood Bowl Tournament please download the PLAYERS PACK.

That’s right folks it time to let out your inner Redneck, grab the Shotgun and head on down the road to Albany once again for the Redneck Rumble.

The Venue hasn’t changed at the Gilcreek camp is looking forward to hosting us once again.

  • Beds are still available however no pillows or bedding. The beds are not “hotel quality” and if you require further bedding, bring it.
  • The cost of the ticket INCLUDES Friday night accommodation.
  • There isn’t separate chalets however we have 2 dorms with separate rooms I can use for families and “relevant others” if required.
  • There is also a dedicated camping/parking area at the venue. If you wish to bring a tent/swag or just escape the noise of the Dorms this may be a valid option.

The fortified night will once again be happening, however there will be some slight changes to format. Bring your taste buds as there will be some blind taste testing, wholly hell. Quality does not matter, as normal, but I am sure there will be a few rippers, and some true paint strippers. A good night should be had once more.

Looks like it will be a fantastic weekend as it is every year.

Friday night will also be attended by the local Friday Night Gaming ran by Elandrial Games. This will mean quite a few more players on Friday than usual. Matt from Elandrial Games will be organising a gaming event for those that wish to take part. More information is on the way.

Saturday night is the traditional Fortified Night and casual open gaming. More details will be made available as it gets closer but be sure that there will some interesting games available this year.

This is the premier gaming event on the Albany Calendar so each year we try to make it a little better. This year the WAAGH will be catering the kitchen. Lunch will be available each day with the traditional Sausage in a bun and this year we will also be doing homemade hamburgers each day. Snaggers for $3 with your choice of Onions and Cheese. The Hamburgers will be going for $6 each and your choice of Onions, Cheese and Salads. Drinks will be available throughout the day for $2 each. All proceeds go to keeping the WAAGH up and running for another year.

For Saturday night the Redneck will be supplying some simple salads for a BYO Meat BBQ and slap up meal before the important work of the Fortified night starts up. There will be no extra charge to this. If you have purchased a ticket OR have paid for the separate night you are more than welcome.

The Special Item this year is a shirt with year specific logo.

Tickets and Special Item available at this link.

Last year we introduced a great concept and I hope we can build on the support we gave to beyondblue.

beyondblue is an independent, not-for-profit organisation working to increase awareness and understanding of anxiety and depression in Australia and to reduce the associated stigma. It is our honour to be able to provide support to this great organisation and we hope you will support them with donations of loose change at the event.

For donations over $2 that require a receipt for tax purposes, we can provide that service.

Ideas to help donate funds to beyondblue.

  • Personal Swear Jar
  • Double Skulls Fine. Every time you roll double skulls, throw in a small amount.
  • The Killing Feeling. Each time you Kill an opponent, fine yourself.

This year we will be running the successful first round Challenges from last year. This was a huge success and raised a whopping $107 for beyondblue. More information can be found at the end of the players pack. Although North vs South challenges are the main point here, if you come up with a great idea that can raise money for the charity, we are more than happy to entertain the idea.

Please be aware it is not COMPULSORY to donate to beyondblue and issuing challenges is optional.

As with last year any profit I make in running the event will also be donated to beyondblue because lets face it, as soon as this feels like a job to make money, I wont do it. Last year we made a donation of $440 including the challenges to beyondblue. We can make this more very easily by having more and more people attend. So lets get to it.

Confirmed Attendee

  1. Duro Bozic – Paid – North
  2. Ken Downer – South
  3. Nathan Gall – North
  4. David Capon – Paid – North
  5. Jacob House – Paid – South
  6. Michael Watson – Paid – North
  7. Jason Stennett – South
  8. Ron Argent – North
  9. Nathan Blanchard – South
  10. Brice Podnobick – South
  11. Mathew White – South
  12. Cameron Spencer – South
  13. Jack Taylor – Paid – South
  14. Thomas Nielson – Paid – North
  15. Danny Powell – Paid – South/North
  16. Ross Burt – Paid – North
  17. Rob Langford – Paid – North