Southern Outlaws Shield League

The Southern Outlaws Shield has a long and storied history. Known by many names sit back and take note of how this legendary league has reinvented itself time and time again to meet the demands of its ravenous coaches.

The first Blood Bowl League to be held in Albany started with as little as 4 coaches. This casual affair just allowed for games to be played when games allowed. Usually spur of the moment decisions.

In time this “Open League” grew and eventually with the help of Ethereal Realmz there was more demand for a more structured make up of games. This was how the “Structured League” began.

The Structured League became known as the Albany Blood Bowl League (ABBL) and grew to its peak of 24 coaches and teams battling it out for honour and glory. This glorious league lasted 8 fantastic seasons and fell on lean times as Ethereal Realmz closed its doors.

Friends came and went, enemies where formed, stars where born, players died and in some cases, reborn. Times would never be the same.

Then in 2016 the new version of the league began with the Southern Outlaws Shield taking shape. The first season was a bumpy affair but things are back on track. Who will shape the destiny of the new league? Will you be a part of it?