Redneck Rumble 2013

Its that time of year again, the time to unlock your hidden Redneck, lose some teeth, grow a mullet and watch comedy classics of the Redneck Comedy Tour.

This year we are hoping to bring more fun and enjoyment than previous years. Again the Rotary Youth Camp will be the venue, and this year we have already booked the Friday night to make it easier for those traveling from Perth to organise the weekend.

For more information about the Blood Bowl Tournament please download the PLAYERS PACK


  • Lizardmen without Saurus
  • Underworld without Skaven

We are also organising a separate painting competition to be held on the Saturday night and information can be found in the menu at the top of the page or by Clicking Here.

On the Saturday night I will be encouraging some local gamers to commit to bringing some armies down so some games can be organised with some Perth guys. Games played will have an effect on the Civil War trophy for Saturday night. This is to help get the local guys some Perth gaming exposure. More information to follow at a later date.

There is also talk about a “fortified wine” evening to take part on the Saturday. Last year an unnamed bottle of Musket was opened and consumed in quick time. It was during this period that it was discovered a few attendees did not mind, in fact quite enjoyed the odd glass or two of Port/Muscat. So keep an eye out for the announced “fortified wine” night. Bring a bottle of something new that you have found, or an old faithful and put it on the table to be shared. More information to come but start looking now, I have already heard of a few interesting discoveries.

For more information on Saturday Night just click here.

Looks like it will be a fantastic weekend guys.


Confirmed Attendees

  1. Jack Taylor – South
  2. Ron Argent – North
  3. Duro Bozic – North
  4. Jason Dawson – South
  5. Drew Lovell – North
  6. Tim Manassah – North
  7. Jason Stennent – South
  8. Nathan Gall – North
  9. Michael Watson – North
  10. David Capon – North
  11. Richard James – North
  12. Mathew Donnison – North
  13. Robert Langford – North
  14. Jacob House – South
  15. Brendan Shuts – North
  16. Joshua Davies – South
  17. Thomas Nielson – North

Registered Attendees

  1. Travis Samwell – South
  2. Ken Downer – South
  3. Damien Watson – South (if needed as a ringer team)
  4. Justin Martin – South

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